Keep Your Will Safe

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Why Is Storage So Important?

Storing your Will is extremely important; it should never be stored in an open area or place where it is easily accessible.

A Will is an extremely personal document listing personal information; therefore, it should be kept in a place that is known by the will holder and close family.

Do You Need To Inform Your Solicitor?

It is also important that you let your solicitor know where you are keeping your Will because if it stored in a locked container or bank deposit box they will need to gain special legal permission to have it opened, which will slow down the process of your loved ones obtained what you outlined in the original documentation.

How Best To Store Your Will?

Keeping Wills in storage boxes is not a good idea because it may be difficult to access and even harder to gain permission to open it. There is another option: storing your Will with your solicitor.

A small fee may be in place for storage and for accessibility, but knowing your will is in a safe place is the most important thing.

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What You Can Include:


A Will is a legal document where you name one or more recipients, who will keep your affairs in order after you've passed away. Furthermore, it sets out who is entitled to your property and you possessions after death.


Who will take care of your children Gifts given to family, friends and charities Funeral requests – A trust fund to take hold of any assets once your children reach a given age

Rules You Must Follow For A Will

Made by a person who is 18 years of age or over (unless mitigating circumstances dictate the contrary)
A Will is made voluntarily and is not a forced action brought about be anther person
It is made by a person who has all of the mental capacities intact
Must be made in writing
It must be properly signed by the person making the Will in the presence of two chosen witnesses Slough