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what to include?

A Will is a document that is written the name of the person or people you want to take care of your affairs after you die. It ensures that all your affairs, possessions and property are under the right hands and in order. Speak to our team today to find the best will for you.

Who Is your beneficiary?

well managed, and all who are listed as beneficiaries in the Will get their fair share. This usually occurs after visiting your lawyer, and in a case where you do not have one who will aid in the writing of the will, you can choose a lawyer to do so.

Why Is A Will Bedford So Important?

The best case and plan to ensure that your property is well taken care of is by finding professional Will writers who basically deal with a specified area, which is Wills. Such a firm is Direct Wills Trusts who are specialized in what they do and offer quality services worth your time and money.

Wills can be written for various reasons including to ensuring that someone suitable looks after your children and arranging the gifts to be given to family, friends and charities.

It also can have your funeral wishes as well as have a trust to hold assets for your children until they attain a certain age.

What You Can Include:

Your Wishes Are Honoured

Direct Will Trusts will offer all the above services and more best advice. Involving an experienced and trusted association that will ensure all your wishes are met and secured and stored well for future use..

Live Happy & Free

Direct Will Trusts will ensure that you live happy and free of worry knowing that all your hard earned property and plans are in safe hand now and in the future.

Will Writing Bedford - your wishes your way!

To finalize the Will made, it is vital that the person making the Will to sign it in the presence of two witnesses. The witnesses will also need to sign the Will in the presence of Will maker.

Some factors may hinder Wills or have a downside such as the money in the Will may not be directed to where you want, and it is likely to be inadequate for inheritance tax procedures.

Though this is not something major it is an issue that has to be in consideration.