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Will Writing Service at Direct Will Trusts

Even if you do not want to think about dying, writing a will is a smart choice. Your loved ones will not inherit your wealth automatically following your death. That is why you need to write a will as it will ensure there is a smooth distribution of resources according to your wish. A will highlight your funeral wishes and name of the trust to hold your property until your children are of age.

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To write a good will, you will require the services of respectable advisers and that is where Direct Will Trusts come in. Direct Will Trusts prides itself on providing unparalleled will writing solutions. When you chose to work with Direct Will Trusts, you will experience customized service to cater or all your needs.

The different types of wills writing services at Direct Will Trust Bedford are:

Single will

A Single will is written by people who are not married. A married couple can, however, choose to have a separate will written. This type of will enables the representation of one’s single wishes.

A single will Bournemouth serves many purposes, ranging from appointing children‘s guardian to choosing your estate number. You will be able to set up a trust will for your kids and state your funeral wishes.

Which Will Do You Need?

Mirrors wills

Mirror wills are two identical legal documents with the only exception of the name. Mirror wills are commonly written by married people who express similar wishes about their will. However, they become problematic when one of the parties dies giving the survivor a chance to change the will.

Joint will

It is the type of will that two people make together. They write the will and leave all the property to the other person.

A joint will describes how resources will be distributed in case of the death of one person.

Other Types Of Wills:
Living Will

A living will is a particular type of will. Just like its name, it stipulates what will be done and not be done in case the person is too ill to communicate. It clearly highlights what type of medical treatment to receive and which not to receive.

Statutory will

This is a simple type of will that lets you fill blank space in a checkbox. It is an inexpensive will that gives you an opportunity to make choices from a given checkbox.

Mutual will

Mutual will are kind of complimentary will where two partners pledge not to annul their will without the other person consent. The death of one partner means the other person cannot dispose of property. It will find it difficult to execute.