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Do you have an extended family?

What are the functions of a will? In 2015, 70% of people in the UK that died did not have a will. Protect Your extended family today and make sure your wishes are executed after your death.

Do You need a will written?

For the extended families of those that died, many of them would have faced uncertainty on what they would receive. Taking the small amount of time to create a will, would give you and your family peace of mind.

What can happen if you do not have a will?

  • Unmarried partners may not automatically receive anything
  • Guardianship of any stepchildren may be unclear
  • Your family may be liable to inheritance tax on your estate
  • There may be undue stress put upon surviving relatives

Why Is A Will Bedford important?

What Is The Purpose Of A Will?

* Clearly identifying a trusted person to execute your last wishes
* Allocating your estate to the parties you wish
* Providing information on the responsibility of under 18s in the deceased’s care
* Mitigating inheritance tax as the law can create difficulty for surviving family members

Why Is A Will So Important?

* Benefits of creating a will are vast but the main few reasons people choose to have a will ready is

* Knowledge your loved ones are taken care of
*Simple and easy to create with our professionals
*You are completely aware of how your assets will be distributed when you pass away